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Paypal account access limited

This was a bit of a shock to the system I recently got from Paypal… We recently noticed an issue with your account. For information on what you can and can’t do while your account is limited, go to the Resolution Centre. Why is my account access limited? Your account access has been limited for the following reason(s): 26 Mar 2012: We identified activity on your PayPal account that violates the terms of our User Agreement. As a...

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A Day out in Blackpool

Just come back from Blackpool on a day out. We had Merlin passes which gets us into loads of attractions for “free”, neglecting the fact that we have forked out over £300 to buy the passes in the first place. So we visited the Blackpool tower where we went to the very top. You can walk on the glass floors if you wish…although as I’m scared of heights I had great difficulties in this…although I eventually plucked up...

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Free Kindle Books

My wife bought a Kindle some time ago – and at the time I thought – not another waste of money. But I have to say it’s been quite inspiring. I’ve read a few things which you can download onto your Kindle from the Amazon store absolutely free of charge. I recently finished “The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes” by Arthur Conan Doyle. This I have to say, was, to my surprise, a really pleasant read, in fact I was...

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Nikon D90 Photography Camera

Personally I have a Nikon D90 – I won it in a game of poker! Well I played lots of games of poker and using the points I amassed I bought the camera with it…so not quite the same thing! Anyway as you can imagine with a camera like this – it’s pretty complicated with all manner of buttons on it. If you are like me then you’ll definitely need some help. I can fully recommend Ken Rockwell’s website – he has...

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Find your own Planet!

I just got this e-mail through to something I did a while back after watching a programme on the TV with Professor Brian Cox…. ********************** Throughout 2011 you diligently drew bubbles, star clusters and more as part of the Milky Way Project. Thanks to that effort, we have created astronomy’s largest catalogue of bubbles (5,106 of them). You can read more about this on the blog at...

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