Just come back from Blackpool on a day out.

We had Merlin passes which gets us into loads of attractions for “free”, neglecting the fact that we have forked out over £300 to buy the passes in the first place.

So we visited the Blackpool tower where we went to the very top. You can walk on the glass floors if you wish…although as I’m scared of heights I had great difficulties in this…although I eventually plucked up the courage to do it!

We also visited the Ballroom where once in a while they film the BBC programme “Strictly Come Dancing”.

As I have a young toddler we let her play in the “Jungle Jim” for a while.

Next was the dungeons…unfortunately the dark scared my daughter so we decided to go to sealife instead.

Blackpool sealife hadn’t changed since I came about 10 years ago.

The small sharks were quite good to watch the way they came out of the water when it was feeding time.

We bought the compulsory sticks of rock and it was home again.

Apparently all of those Blackpool attractions would have cost us £166, Unbelievable!

IMHO Extremely expensive for what we got from it.

I wouldn’t have wanted to pay more than £40 for all of that to be honest…but I’m a cheapskate!