Personally I have a Nikon D90 – I won it in a game of poker!

Well I played lots of games of poker and using the points I amassed I bought the camera with it…so not quite the same thing!

Anyway as you can imagine with a camera like this – it’s pretty complicated with all manner of buttons on it.

If you are like me then you’ll definitely need some help.

I can fully recommend Ken Rockwell’s website – he has some great tips on how to use the Nikon D90.

The idea at the time was to take lots of great photos and sell them online.

Unfortunately it doesn’t work out like that as these big photographic sites always seem to find something wrong with your photo – so every single one of mine got rejected!

Now I just put them online for free at the morguefile.

This is a great site where I get all my free images for websites from.

I don’t see the point in paying for something if you can get half decent free photos there.

I felt it was good payback to upload my own images on the site so people could have my attempts!