Here is an interesting hand from last nights Manchester Division 1 teams:

You hold: xxx,Kxx,Kxx,Axxx

The person on your right bids 1C and you pass, next person bids 3c inverted minor (which is a normal weak 2c bid in conventional bidding), back round to you. Do you get involved in the bidding when it comes back to you…you are vulnerable they are non-vulnerable.

In my opinion when you have there suit and partner hasn’t bid and you are completely flat (and with 4 cards in there suit headed to the ace) you should not protect…partner may have a 5 card major suit and you might make 3H or 3S…you are unlikely to make 4 of a major…so in this situation I would just pass. You might be able to take 3C off.

As it turns out 3C should go 2 off and you cannot make 3S even though partner has a 5 card spade suit.

On the actual night we were left to play in 2C (+90 when they mis-defend) which I think is a mistake – opponents should definitely bid 2S at some point.

Unfortunately our partners bid to 4S which went 2 down vulnerable…so instead of letting them play in 3C…defending properly and getting +100…overall +190 they end up -200 and -90 overall.

3 IMP’s out instead of 5 IMPS in and 8 IMP swing.

So you can see the importance of part scores at teams – don’t switch off as 8 IMPS is close to game making in one room and going off in the other which is where your “normal” big swings occur.