We had a double game swing a couple of nights ago after our partners declared a slam…saying i’ll draw the hearts out and take the club finesse – if that works i’ve made the contract otherwise I’m one off!

Well obviously as I’m talking about it – the club finesse did indeed work but they were still one off because they declared the contract….

S Qxx            KJxx

H AQ10xx    KJx

D A                QJxx

C AQJx          xx

On a diamond lead…Well the hearts broke 4-1 and there was a weak 2D which placed the Kd favourable for a ruffing finesse to throw the losing club…but unfortunately you had declared which meant even with the 3-3 spade break, the club finesse working you were still one off as you could end up arguably blocking yourself say in the spade suit leaving you after playing the hearts out and getting to the spades once in order to take the club finesse…you end up losing a club and the ace of spades and not being able to take a roughing finesse in diamonds or taking a club finesse after only drawing one round of hearts – etc.

Simply awful – in our room they played in 3NT+1 so instead of winning the match by 5 IMPS we lost it by 19!

Pretty sick!