Well it’s a question I typed into Google myself and the following page came out top.


What you have to consider when using the Google Keyword Tool is that first of all it is just an estimator as the figures are based on past results.

Certain terms will become more or less popular depending on a time of month, current affairs or any number of reasons.

I have to address a few things mentioned in that forum…

its not accurate, lots of people will tell you this. I have never received the so called 38 – 42% which #1 is supposed to get

Click through Rate (CTR) for the number one spot has generally gone down over time and is more like 20%.

See this page for more information of how CTR has changed over time…


Someone else said…

Remember that the more searches a keyword gets, the level of competition gets higher.

What a load of baloney! Basically the competition goes up with the number of pages that are competing for that term.

Anyway theĀ  tool is a fantastic tool and will help you create content which people are actually searching for and ultimately make you money!