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Nail website

I stumbled upon this nail website:  I was watching the countdown at the top of their website click down as there were only a few seconds to go expecting it to change to 23 59 and 59 seconds. So I was a bit bemused for it to say…90 hours to the 30th august! So in short if I were to order a product from their website in 90 hours time i’ll get my goods on the 30th august. Well the fact that it’s the 29th August today means if I order...

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Opening Day of the Premier League

Well some crazy looking results – a couple of 5-0! Arsenal 0 – Sunderland 0 A typical dour performance from Sunderland. Arsenal looked pretty good and were unlucky not to score – probably would of if Van Persie had played. Fulham 5 – Norwich 0 Woeful defending from Norwich – there back line was shocking. Fulham took full advantage and on their day can take any team apart. QPR 0 Swansea 5 QPR were okay in this get...

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Van Persie Overpriced at £24M

Well only time will tell if Robin Van Persie is worth the money Alex Ferguson paid for him. For a 29 year old who’s had lots of previous injury problems it seems like a lot of money. For sure he is only just 29 after having his birthday on the 6th August. Arsene Wenger originally purchased him for £2.75M from Feyenoord on the 17th March 2004 as a 20 year old. I have to say a 10 fold return is pretty impressive work for Wenger – well...

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Joanna Newsom – Peach Plum Pear

I love this version of the song: Lyrics for Peach Plum Pear: We speak in the store I’m a sensitive bore You seem markedly more And I’m oozing suprise But it’s late in the day And you’re well on your way And what was golden went gray And I’m suddenly shy And the gathering floozies Afford to be choosy And all sneezing darkly In the dimming divide Well I have read the right books To interpret your looks But you...

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