Well only time will tell if Robin Van Persie is worth the money Alex Ferguson paid for him.
For a 29 year old who’s had lots of previous injury problems it seems like a lot of money.
For sure he is only just 29 after having his birthday on the 6th August.
Arsene Wenger originally purchased him for £2.75M from Feyenoord on the 17th March 2004 as a 20 year old.
I have to say a 10 fold return is pretty impressive work for Wenger – well done!

If you look at his premier league stats:

2004-05 – 26 games – 5 goals
2005-06 – 24 games – 5 goals
2006-07 – 22 games – 11 goals
2007-08 – 15 games – 7 goals
2008-09 – 28 games – 11 goals
2009-10 – 16 games – 9 goals
2010-11 – 25 games – 18 goals
2011-12 – 38 games – 30 goals

It’s quite clear that his scoring record over the last 2 seasons has been decent to say the least.
But you can only justify the cost if Man Utd. win the league this year.
If they don’t it will be a disaster for Alex Ferguson – I think the pressure will be really on him this season as they have spent a lot of money so far on players compared to their noisy neighbours.

It will be interesting to see how Rooney feels about the whole thing – part of him will like it I guess playing alongside a so called top quality striker who is willing to work to get some results, another part will be feeling he isn’t necessarily top dog any more – but more of an equal partner.