Well I got this e-mail from Sky Vegas – the gambling arm of Sky – I originally joined up to Sky poker to give it a go.

Here is the e-mail:

£5 free on Roulette!

This week we’ve got an exclusive offer for you. Enter the promo code ROULETTE and you’ll get a £5 completely free casino token to use on our selection of roulette games. Just enter the code and the free token will be waiting for you – it’s that simple! Hurry though, as this offer expires at midnight on Thursday 20th September.

Just follow the simple steps below to claim your free bonus:

Click Button

Click on the Enter Code button below and log in when prompted.

Enter Code

Enter code ROULETTE where it says ‘Redeem Your Tokens’.

Use Your Token

Play a roulette game and your £5 free token will be waiting for you.


Well to me that sounded great – no talk about putting any money in – no strings attached – anyway I try it out only for it to say the code doesn’t work – I try it out numerous times typing it in and cutting and pasting it in, all to no avail!

I give up and just think – typical Bullshit!

2 minutes after that first e-mail I get another e-mail with the usual promotional e-mail they’ve sent me a gazillion times (well it’s more than 6 times anyway) offering a mystery £2-£200 (£2 in other words) if i deposit £5 (with strings attached)…hmm I think that’s a bit of piss take.

An hour or so later I get another e-mail saying how they’ve made a mistake about the first e-mail they’ve sent to me. Yep I realise lots of things are mass sent – but how can you send an e-mail to someone to say they should have £5 for nothing and then not give it to you. Come on Sky I thought you were a big company – this is a joke! I’ll let you know if there are further developments!

As a side not I think Sky poker is pretty poor – me personally preferred Full Tilt / Pokerstars.

Sky poker tend to play with only 6 players on the majority of the tables (because otherwise they wouldn’t fill up) and the players on there are really poor – it’s just not worth my time waiting around to start a decent priced sit n go game as there aren’t enough players to play with to make it viable. The tourneys are abit of a lottery and the commentary on Sky TV is laughable at best!