Full tilt poker is back online – you can currently play on the play tables – there are about 1600 people playing on there right now – which isn’t very many – but a very good number for just play money.

Hopefully when it re-opens again on November 6th 2012 it will be a good site to play poker on again.
You can also connect your pokerstars account with your full tilt account which you might need to do if you want to get any money out of your full tilt account in the future.

This will also i’m led to believe enable you to transfer money between accounts, which is another plus.
I look forward to next Tuesday when the site will be properly live for money play.
They are having quite a few free tournaments as well for the re-opening so it should be good.

It’s also especially nice to see the money in my account and they seem to have done an ICM method of calculating my money on the 6 games I had running just as the site went down…so that’s great work – I though I might need to get onto them about that – but it wasn’t necessary. Good Job!

It will be interesting next week to see how many people play on the site with real money or if they desert in droves…I for one will be giving it another go as I preferred the site to any other…let’s see though!