Yesterday i played in a $200 50/50 turbo on pokerstars. There was one guy on there i’m sure his name was “desik111″ although i cannot find him for the life of me on sharkscope. Anyhow a couple of hands were interesting that he was involved in…. when the blinds were 25/50 he called a 150 raise from 4 out from a 7 out caller – his stack was around 1300. The flop came k54 and to cut a long story short he ended up with a straight (he started with 63s) and took all the chips from the opener who has pretty much the same starting stack. Anyway on the last hand when there were 6 players and he had a stack of about 6000 chips. There was a small stack who’s blind it was next who had about 400 chips. Anyhow a guy from 4 out pushed all in for his remaining 1300 and our hero called from the button with 98s – again he hit the straight on the river and knocked the guy out who has pushed with ajs. I don’t know but to me this play is completely insane or he somehow “knows he’s going to win the hand”. Am i reading too much into this because i’ve been on a very bad run for the last 10 days and now think there are bots playing or something weird going on or what…maybe i’m paranoid…but i just had to get that bit off my chest. I just found it amazing that he would call a x3 bb raise with 63s and an all in from a hand which was obvioulsy going to be a better starting hand than his when he has invested no money in the pot other than the antes…both plays are ridiculous IMHO..or he knows what people have at the table somehow.