Well this was an interesting one.

I bought a gig off fiverr.com for someone to write a so called professional article for me. Anyway it was far from professional and I cancelled the gig.

Anyway a week later I went to my Paypal account to check on things and I noticed the $5 hadn’t been refunded to my account so I put in a resolution complaint after looking at my fiverr.com account to see if there was anything I could find in there. On the surface of things it looked like I hadn’t been refunded – so after putting in a resolution complaint I found out that on fiverr.com my account had been frozen…I effectively couldn’t do anything with my account. So after asking fiverr.com what gives…they told me that it was in their terms and conditions that I couldn’t raise a resolution complaint against them! The $5 couldn’t be returned to my Paypal account – I had to spend the $5 on their site.

That seems ridiculous to me as I didn’t receive the product I thought I was buying…it was useless.

Okay now I remember there is a law regarding digital downloads – and that states pretty much that if the product is fine and you download it like a game or an mp3 or whatever – as long as that product is as described then you cannot have a refund. Well that’s fine – I perfectly understand that…you cannot return a digital download – there is no shelf to put it back on! The point though is I was supposedly buying an article that was written to a professional standard..here are a couple of lines from the article….

“But it is important to make sure you are involved with your children’s school, no matter where it is they end of going. ”

…they end of going? What?

“But it is a good idea to make sure you do or check into when looking at schools.”

Seriously what kind of English is that…it is not professional – that is for sure!