Declaring a Contract in Bridge

We had a double game swing a couple of nights ago after our partners declared a slam…saying i’ll draw the hearts out and take the club finesse – if that works i’ve made the contract otherwise I’m one off! Well obviously as I’m talking about it – the club finesse did indeed work but they were still one off because they declared the contract…. S Qxx            KJxx H AQ10xx    KJx D...

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Part Score Bidding at Teams

Here is an interesting hand from last nights Manchester Division 1 teams: You hold: xxx,Kxx,Kxx,Axxx The person on your right bids 1C and you pass, next person bids 3c inverted minor (which is a normal weak 2c bid in conventional bidding), back round to you. Do you get involved in the bidding when it comes back to you…you are vulnerable they are non-vulnerable. In my opinion when you have there suit and partner hasn’t bid and you are...

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Slam bidding

I played an interesting had the other night at bridge…. Here is your hand let’s see how you do… AKxx Ax Axxxx A10 You open the bidding with 1D and partner responds 2C which in this particular system is forcing to 2NT. You bid 2S which is forcing and then partner bids 3H which is 4th suit forcing…now what do you bid… See below….                   Ans: 5NT which is a...

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